Auger Boring System

The ABS Auger Boring Systems are used for the installation of steel or product pipe. A horizontal directional drilling technique using a continuous flight auger and a removable drill head is used to install new pipe at pre-determined levels and inclination.

Deployment of a hollow-stem continuous flight auger has significant advantages, as this system offers a fully guided dead end bore. It also has further advantages whenever obstructions are encountered during the installation of the pilot pipe. By enlarging the pilot bore with the hollow-stem auger and steel casings, both pilot bore string and hollow-stem auger sections can be retracted from the steel casings. After the obstruction has been reached, the obstruction can be documented and removed from the bore. An expensive and time consuming recovery pit for the removal of the obstruction is therefore not required.
We would be pleased to discuss the numerous advantages offered by the ABS hollow-stem auger system.



The equipment is characterized by its compact design and the special drive unit, which transfers its power direct to the bore string without a gearbox. The specially designed hydraulic control unit and power pack is fine-tuned to the auger boring rig, offering efficient and energy-saving operation on site.

Optional equipment such as  a winch for retracting the auger system, offers greater jobsite flexibility.