ABS 1200

The ABS 1200 convinces with high power reserves and perfect operability. The machine is available with a laterally mounted driver stand as well as with a driver stand located on the machine. The machine provides a max. torque of 100 kNm with a feed force of 320 tons. It is possible to lift the machine out of the base frame by only releasing 8 screws leading to smaller transport weights and improvement of the handling on the job site.
Further options allow individual configuration. The drilling rig can be optimally adapted to suit your needs on the job site. Contact us for further possibilities.



Technical Data ABS 1200

Torque max. 100.000 Nm
Hydraulic pressure  315 bar
Optical gap within pilot rods 60 mm
Revolution max. (gear with 3 regulating steps)   39 min -1
Feed force 3.092 kN
Relative adjustment existing
Stroke of slide  750 mm
Stroke relative adjustment  300 mm
Weight of drilling unit with basic equipment approx.  4.500 kg
Axis height 850 mm
Drilling diameter max. 1.520 mm
Dimensions with base frame  
Length / Width  6.933 x 2.214 mm

Technical Data  HA 1200

Diesel-Engine   Deutz
Power  190 kW bei 2300 u/min
Max. operating pressure  315 bar
Fuel tank capacity  290 l
Weight      4.300 kg
Length / width / height

(Subject to technical modification)
 2.431 / 2.030 / 2.304 mm