ABS 400

Our range of guided auger boring unit starts with the ABS 400. By pushing a pilot bore string through the ground towards the target shaft and then connecting the pilot string to the steel cased auger sections, an accurately defined bore path can be maintained in displaceable soils. Tighter clearances of existing services can be managed by accuratley controlling the line and level of the pilot rod. Therefore, deep excavation pits can be avoided. The ABS 400 is suitable for product pipe diameters of 150 to 500 mm and pipe lengths of up to 60 m (dependent upon subsoils).

 ABS 400  
ABS 400

With the use of a conical bursting head, suitable product pipes can be installed in a direct guided operation. Another feature in the ABS 400 upwards, is the hydraulic stroke facility of the rotary drive unit. The rotary frame can travel within the thrust frame. As a result, connections between rotary drive and bore string can be made with ease. As well as this, the joining of a follow-on pipe to previously installed pipe sections can be achieved. The hydraulic stroke facility of the rotary drive offers further operational advantages. During boring, the previously defined position of the drill head can be modified relative to the steel pipe. This allows the drill head, which initially runs inside the steel pipe, to be driven out beyond the end of the steel pipe to “overcome“ an obstruction.

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Specifications ABS 400

Max. torque 11.700 Nm
Operating pressure  315 bar
Max. spindle speed  60 mm
Optical path inside the stem pilot 60 min-1
Thrust 495 kN
Forward feed yes
Stroke unit 450 mm
Stroke forward feed 105 mm
Weight of assembly    approx. 1.060 kg
Axial height 450 mm
Max. drill diameter 508 mm
Length / width with base frame 2.400 / 1.150 mm

Specifications HA 400

Diesel-Engine Kubota / Hatz
Power 38 kW bei 2.600 u/min
Max. operating pressure 315 bar
Control    Load Sensing
Fuel tank capacity  71 l
Oil tank capacity 430 l
Weight      1.685 kg

Length / width / height

 (Subject to technical modification)

2.100 / 1.520 / 1.450 mm