ABS 800 

The compact and powerful ABS 800 unit is powered by a special hydraulic drive. A similar version of which is also used as travel motor in heavy-duty crawler cranes. The ABS 800 delivers a maximum torque of 27,800 Nm and a thrust of 130 tonnes from the moment the operating lever is actuated. This is without any gearbox or multiple drive losses. As a result, bores of up to 1,000 mm in diameter and lengths of up to 100 m (dependent upon subsoils) are possible.

From the ABS 800 upwards (Bore diameter > 500 mm), ABS Trenchless employs a hollow-stem auger system (HBS). With this system a special drill head and hollow-stem auger section can be used to form a larger bore around the pilot bore string without being connected to it. As the hollow-stem auger over-bores the pilot string, (which provides the necessary guidance to both auger and drill head) it in turn guides the steel pipe along the pre-established drill path.

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Specifications ABS 800 

Max. torque 27.800 Nm
Operating pressure 315 bar
Optical path inside the hollow stem pilot 60 mm
Max. spindle speed 40 rpm
Thrust 1.265 kN
Forward feed yes
Stroke unit 560 mm
Stroke forward feed 200 mm
Weight of assembly 2.522 kg
Axial height 850 mm
Max. drill diameter 1.020 mm
Length / width with base frame 3.400 / 1.800 mm

Specifications HA 800

Diesel engine Kubota / Deutz
Power 73 kW / 2.600 rpm
Max. operating pressure 315 bar
Control Load Sensing
Fuel tank capacity 140 l
Oil tank capacity 650 l
Weight 2.560 kg
Length / width / height 2.460 / 1.600 / 1.500 mm