Control Rock Boring CRB 100

The Controlled Rock Boring System 100 allows to carry out pilot drilling into rock and hard stone and is thus according to DWA-A ( the only pilot tube drilling system with sampling which first uses a pilot tube and in the next step a reamer. Depending on the hardness of the rock different kinds of reamers can be used to establish the bore profiles. Final diameters of up to 1400 mm are possible.

The use of an optical control which allows an aberration of only a few mm is unique. This system fits perfectly for drilling which for example assume gravity.

By the use of a double casing a roller bit is driven by the inner rod. The outer rod enables the directional adjustment. The space within inner and outer casing is used for the transportation of bentonit flushing up to the drill head. The flushing is used for cooling of the drilling tools, transportation of cuttings and stabilisation of the drill hole.

The use of a radio remote control enables the driller an alltime optimal view on the machine. After the pilot drill the drilling can be expanded with different tools (Hole Opener, flap cutting bits, scraper disc or DTH-drifter) Ideally the CRB 100 can be mounted with an adapter frame to an existing ABS drilling rig, so that the drilling axis coincide. Frames for other foreign maschines can be adapted.

Technical Data CRB 100

Feed force 251 kN
Tractive force 128 kN
Stroke 2.100 mm
Relative stroke 150 mm
Torque max. engine KH11 8.000 Nm
Torque max. engine  KH20 18.000 Nm
Revolution max. KH 11 35 min -1
Option „two speed“  70 min -1
Revolution max. KH  20 13 min -1
Option „two speed“ 33 min -1
Hydraulic pressore 250 bar
Diameter of pilot driling 200 mm
Length / Width / Height 6.100 x 1.377 x 1.054 mm
(Subject to technical modification)