Pulling heads

ABS Trenchless have developed Pulling Heads to safely connect PE-pipe to their respective pulling device. Welded joints are unnecessary, as our Pulling Heads are easy to use, reusable and require no special equipment or tools for use.

We offer two different types of Pulling Head:

  • Standard Version
  • Sealed version




According to the sectional drawings, the Pipe Pulling head is simply fitted onto the end of the plastic pipe. By rotating the pulling eye (1) tight, its screw jack will be rotated into the expander cone (5). In this way the Expansion-Gripper elements (3) are joggling with the inner side of the plastic pipe (6). This creates a stable connection. An increase in pulling forces creates a tighter grip. Every part is available ex stock and can be amended to suit individual requirements.
Note: PE plastic pipes (PE 80 and PE 100) are certified for different operating pressures and have therefore different wall thicknesses. Our pulling heads are compatible with these sizes.


Application examples:

  • Attachment of a pull rope
  • Pulling the pipe into an existing line (at trenchless rehab methods) or into a borehole (at HDD)
  • Uncoiling of a plastic pipe from trailer